Sound Insulation

Reduce outside noise by up to 50dB

Reduce outside noise

Improve your sleep

Perfect for listed buildings

Generally noise will enter your building through the windows and doors. This is evidenced by the difference in noise that you experience when the windows are open and when they are shut. Our range of secondary glazing windows gives good noise reduction and our upgraded Heritage range using specialist acoustic glass will give you the highest level of noise insulation possible.

Reduce outside noise up to 50dB

In cities and areas with a fair amount of traffic, outside noise is generally around 70-80dB. Our secondary glazing can help to bring noise levels in your home down to about 30-35dB (depending on various other factors such as room setup and materials used), reducing noise by up 50dB.

Improve your sleep and comfort

The World Health Organisation knows that sleep disturbance occurs when the noise in a bedroom is above 30dB and that in other areas in the home, the acceptable level for comfort is around 35dB. By reducing the noise in your home to as close to 30dB as possible, our secondary glazing will help give you and your family a good night’s rest.

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